17 Insanely Actionable Strategies That Will Make You a Better Nonfiction Author Today

I want to do my part to shatter any excuses you may have about it being too hard to be a great author. Below are 17 different actions that can be done today that will immediately improve your writing. All of these actions you can start today, and most should become daily habits.

There are 17 different tactics here, if you do only a couple of them you will see development in your growth as an author.

The NonFiction Publisher’s Stack: The Ultimate Guide for Every Software or Web Service a Nonfiction Author Needs.

You may already know that you need to publish a book to establish your credibility.

Maybe you’ve even started searching around, trying to piece together which software you should use, figuring out all the accounts you need to sign up for. This alone can be extremely confusing and contradictory, let alone actually learning how to use each piece of software.

In this guide, I’m going to not only help you decide on which programs to use, but also how exactly to use them.